Apex Legends Map Rotation - Changes and Guide to Online Tools!

Apex Legends Map Rotation - Changes and Guide to Online Tools!

The frequent updates and changes made to Apex Legends‘ maps are one of the game’s engaging elements. Players who regularly log in will enjoy more gameplay variety thanks to Apex Legends Map Rotation to the game’s ranked mode.

Previously, the battle royale map would be changed once during the season’s split. Respawn’s ranked mode, however, underwent a significant change in Season 16, and it now rotates following the game’s standard battle royale playlists.

Players can anticipate seeing different maps more frequently, creating a more engaging gameplay experience. A new Team Deathmatch mode and slight tweaks to Legend buffs and nerfs are also included in Season 16 in addition to the changes to the ranked mode.

Players may have to constantly adapt to a new environment due to the changes in map rotation,  making the game more interesting and exciting.

Overall, the apex legends map rotation changes in Season 16 increase gameplay variety and allow players to explore new maps and adapt to new settings.

Apex Legends Map Rotation Changes in Season 16

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There are three maps featured in Apex Legends map rotation  – viz., Storm Point, Broken Moon, and World’s Edge. The other maps are primarily for casual or public matches for the second split, whereas World’s Edge is accessible for pub and ranked matches. Respawn has adjusted their map rotations for the Revelry season to keep things interesting.

Players cannot repeatedly play any of the three aforementioned maps in Season 16. For pub or casual matches, it will revolve over an hour to a half each day. On the other hand, for ranked matches, the maps will revolve once a day (every 24 hours). As a result, players who want to take part in a particular map that isn’t currently available, have to wait until it becomes available in the upcoming rotation.

Three new maps will be added to the rotation in Apex Legends’ ranked mode, according to experience design director Mr. Aaron Rutledge. Players can test their skills on various maps throughout the season thanks to ranked play’s transition to the map rotation. Midseason splits and soft resets won’t change, but for the time span of the season, the Apex Legends Map Rotation will occur every 24 hours.

All Apex Legends players will now enjoy a more compelling gaming experience thanks to these changes, and it’s the right time to be a part of the Apex Legends community.

Control LTM Map Schedule Rotation (Pubs)

Arena Pubs will replace Control LTM or Deathmatches in Apex Legends’ Revelry season 16 gameplay. Similar to the popular game mode in other first-person shooter games, this new game mode introduces a new type of gameplay where teams must capture and defend points to earn points.

The maps for this game mode are Party Crasher, Habitat, and Skull Town. Every 15 minutes throughout the day, these Apex Legends Map Rotations will take place, allowing players to play with various strategies and maps.

Players can plan their Apex Legends sessions around their preferred LTM matches with friends or solo by checking the LTM Deathmatches menu in-game to see which maps are currently in rotation.

Every time a player logs in, they will have a new experience thanks to the faster rotation, which adds to the excitement and engagement of the game. The Control LTM has been added to keep Apex Legends’ gameplay exciting and fun for all players.

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Here’s How You Can Check Apex Legends Map Rotation: A Guide to Online Tools

Knowing which maps are currently in rotation is essential for players who prefer a specific map or want to complete map-specific events. While players usually have to log into the game to find out, there are online tools available that can help.

Know About Tracker in Apex Legends Map Rotation

Some fan-made websites track the maps for Apex Legends Map Rotation for different modes in Apex Legends. One such website is Apexmaps, which tells players which map is currently active and the two maps expected to be in the rotation next. Players can toggle the menu to check active maps for each mode, select the Arena map tracker, and even receive push notifications for specific maps within certain time slots.

Alternative Map Rotation Tracker

If Apexmaps is down, players can check the current rotation of Apex Legends Map Rotation for normal and ranked modes in Battle Royale and Arenas on the Apex Legends Status website. Future map rotation information is not available on this website, though.


The game has become even more exciting due to Season 16’s apex legends map rotation changes. Three battle royale maps are now rotated for unranked matches, and new maps have been added to the rotation for the ranked mode, giving players more gameplay variety.

These adjustments make the gaming experience more dynamic and make players adapt to new environments, which adds to the game’s intrigue. Players can plan their gameplay by keeping track of the maps that are currently in rotation with the aid of online resources like Apexmaps and Apex Legends Status.

Overall, these changes have improved Apex Legends’ gameplay and made playing more interesting.

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