Are Kids Safe with Online Games?

Are Kids Safe with Online Games?

Car games, FPS games, RPG games, and so on—are among the latest additions of kids these days. After school, you will see them running up to the doorstep as if in a hurry. They tend to skip their afternoon snacks, which they previously always looked forward to after a long day in school. It takes you quite a while to call on them before they finally come down for dinner. You often catch them ditching their homework and cramming for a school project when they supposedly had enough time to prepare. When online games become their priority, their schoolwork takes the backseat, and their usual bedtime is disrupted; that only goes to show one thing. That is, these online games are not doing your kids any good.

Honestly, are your kids safe as they venture into the online gaming world?

Concerned parents often consider online gaming a danger zone, especially for their minor children. If some moms and dads believe that online gaming is just one of the newest hobbies of their sons, then they must be missing out on some details. They are surely not taking a further look at the bigger picture. What others fail to notice is how influential the virtual gaming world is, especially for kids who are vulnerable by nature. They get fed a bunch of information which is normally too much to take. Without proper guidance, they can be easily misled.

Online games vary. They can further be subdivided into violent ones and educational ones. For example, Counter-Strike can’t be considered an educational sort of game for a seven-year-old player. However, the adventures of Dora and her friends are more suited for kids this age.

Thankfully, parents no longer have any reason to worry. With the United States Federal Trade Commission’s Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and the Privo Privacy Assurance Program, online gaming has become more child-friendly. Even without adult supervision, they can be left on their own to play educational and interactive games. Many of today’s child-friendly games touch on math, spelling, and vocabulary and encourage kids’ critical thinking development.

Because you are not always by their side, and as they are likely to come across different websites which aren’t right for their age, it is best to choose the games they can play for them. Also, talking with them as to what is right and wrong and which websites can be viewed never fails to create awareness among kids to be responsible with their actions, despite their tender age.

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