Won’t Connect: Unable to Play Warzone (Fixed) Won’t Connect: Unable to Play Warzone (Fixed) won’t connect but your friends won’t stop calling unless you come online? Let’s get your app reconnected.

Intermittent disruptions in the operational continuity of Blizzard’s services can occur due to a number of reasons. If platform’s unavailability is barring you from accessing Warzone, we suggest that you go through this guide. This article will cover the frequently encountered causes for this problem and suggest potential workarounds as well.

Why Won’t Connect? Won't Go Online
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In the event of your Blizzard application, referred to as the client, being unable to connect, there may be three potential underlying factors causing so.

Issue With Server

If the application is refusing to connect or repeatedly displaying error messages, the first thing to do would be to check for any ongoing server issues. You can visit the official Activision Twitter page to determine whether any known server problems are affecting the game you are trying to play. In most cases, server issues are only limited to a specific region. If you normally play on the Americas server and encounter problems, you may try switching to other servers such as Europe or Asia. This workaround may prove to be effective if the server issues are limited to a particular region.

Issue With Local Network

It is plausible that an issue with your home network or Internet Service Provider (ISP) could be the root cause of the application’s inability to connect. In the absence of any evidence indicating an ongoing server outage, it may be necessary to perform troubleshooting procedures on your home network or to seek support from your ISP to fix the connectivity issue.

Corrupt App

Figured out that the game’s servers are all up and your home network’s been correctly configured but app still won’t go online? The copy of running on your system might be broken. We will cover the steps for reinstalling app later in this guide. Won't Go Online
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How to Fix Not Connecting?

Check Server Status

In situations where the application was previously functioning on your computer but has since ceased to do so, you should obtain updates directly from the Activision Twitter handle since the official page is certainly the most dependable source of information regarding any server-related issues.

Click here to check the maintenance schedule for games.

Seek Help From ISP

If there aren’t any identifiable server-related problems but app won’t just go online then you should perform a full assessment on your home network. To begin, use a smartphone to assess the condition of your internet connection. Conduct a speed test and find out if your connection speed is good enough for online gaming. Seeking support from your Internet Service Provider may prove beneficial. There could be complications occurring on their end that may be impacting certain websites or services (resulting in them becoming unavailable).

Change Your Game Region in App

You can also try switching the region for your game in app. Players have reported that doing so does help sometimes.

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Delete the Folder

Some users have suggested that removing the folder can serve as a potential remedy when the app is refusing to connect. We recommend this approach if you think that corrupt files are causing the connectivity issue.

To troubleshoot app unable to connect, you can follow these steps.

  1. First, open Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc, then click on the Processes tab.
  2. Select Blizzard desktop app and other related processes, and click End Process.
  3. After shutting down all Blizzard processes, pull up the Run dialogue box (press Windows Key+R) and type “C:\ProgramData\” into the field, then press Enter.
  4. Delete the folder and update the game.

Reinstall if it Won’t Connect still won’t connect after applying the fixes mentioned above? One last thing to try would be to reinstall the app. Head to the Programs and Features section in Control Panel and uninstall Fetch the latest installer for then reinstall the app.

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