Choice Consoles for Online Gaming

Choice Consoles for Online Gaming

Gamers have so many options these days that they can spend an entire week curled up on the couch, checking out the different consoles and portable options as well as the different games. With that many reasons to hook up that PlayStation, it’s no wonder many also spend time looking for quick slimming options like intense yoga or an HCG diet plan. We’ll be looking into just one aspect today, though; the best consoles for online gaming.

Online games possess many more appeals than traditional CD-based ones: many do not have to be downloaded, they have multiple players and team options, and they varied range from FPS games to text games to MMORPGs. Early online games were accessible only via personal computers as these were the only devices that were able to access the Internet. Nowadays, every gaming console released has some internet connection capabilities, from heavy-duty Xbox to various portable gaming devices like the PSP.

When talking about console gaming, three names immediately spring to mind; the Playstation 3, the Xbox 360, and the Wii. The first two are the choice for hardcore gamers who invest in top-quality graphics and HD gaming experiences. The Wii is the choice for more casual gamers and children – it’s the console that families who want to bond over games buy. In mobile gaming, the PSP and the Nintendo DS in their various incarnations, are the top contenders.

You can’t get a more family-friendly gaming console than the Wii or one with more innovation. One of the biggest appeals of this particular console is the motion sensor that allows the gamer to incorporate their body’s motions into the game. You can play tennis like you’re actually swinging a racket or practice your fly fishing form all while playing games. Wii’s online gaming experience is far below that of the PS 3 or the Xbox 360, but there are a number of great games that you can have great fun playing online. Just a note, if you’re looking for HD graphics or something that can double as a multimedia player, the Wii is not for you.

The Xbox has been the top gaming console for both hardcore and casual gamers since it came out. And despite the fact that a subscription to the Xbox lives costs $50 per year, it’s actually the best console you can get for a really great online gaming experience. It’s one reason why a gamer should really look into the possibility of acquiring an Xbox. While many gamers prefer the PS 3 for its Blu-ray and HD graphics, no console at present can beat the Xbox for online games.

The Playstation 3 is one of the best you can get for playing hardcore, hi-def games and the PlayStation Network gives you the sufficient capability for online gaming. Still, it leaves a lot to be desired. The PS 2 came with crappy internet connectivity, and while the PS 3 has improved drastically from that point, it still would not be enough to satisfy the serious gamer. The good thing though, is that the PSN is free, though they did implement a PSN Plus in 2010 that offers an enhanced online gaming experience, although it still does not come close to what the Xbox offers.

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