Minecraft Stuck Mojang Screen: How to Fix Minecraft Not Loading?

Minecraft Stuck Mojang Screen: How to Fix Minecraft Not Loading?

Some Minecraft players have reported that their game gets stuck on the red Mojang screen. However, there are various solutions available to fix this issue and that is what we will be talking about in this guide.

It’s important to note that not every solution listed here is guaranteed to work for everyone. Therefore, you may need to go through the list (and we recommend that you apply the fixes mentioned here in exactly the same order) until you find something that puts things back on track for your system and fix Minecraft Stuck Mojang Screen.

How to Fix Minecraft Stuck on Mojang Loading Screen? Follow These Steps!

Minecraft Stuck Mojang Screen
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Force Quit Minecraft if Stuck on Mojang Screen

One possible remedy for when Minecraft gets stuck on the Mojang loading screen is to force close the application from Task Manager. More often than not, programs will encounter glitches that the system is incapable of addressing independently so manually terminating such buggy applications from Task Manager can sometimes help to fix those temporary glitches.

  • Press the CTRL+ALT+Delete buttons to bring up the Task Manager.
  • Head to the ‘Processes’ tab and locate Minecraft’s icon in the list of currently running applications.
  • Select ‘End Task’ after highlighting Minecraft.
  • Relaunch the game and see if you are able to breeze through the Mojang loading screen.

Restart Your PC

If force quitting the game still doesn’t push the launch sequence across the Mojang screen, you should go ahead and restart your PC. if the issue (causing the game to get stuck) lies not within the game software itself, but rather with the operating system, restarting should put things back in place.

You cannot miss restarting your PC before delving into the more complex troubleshooting methods given below.

Update Minecraft

It’s crucial to keep your Minecraft client updated to the latest version. This ensures that you have access to the newest features and improvements, as well as the patches, which are supposed to address all known glitches. Developers often release patches to address crashing/loading issues, so you need to make sure that you are running the latest version of Minecraft.

Say No to Mods

If you have installed mods for Minecraft, you should disable them and see if that helps with the issue of game getting stuck on loading screen. However, make sure that your game is updated to the latest version before disabling those mods.

Runtime Broker: End Task

Many Minecraft players have reported that closing the Runtime Broker (from within Task Manager) can fix a number of different issues encountered in the game.

Runtime Broker’s job is to make sure that the applications downloaded from Microsoft Store are utilizing the permissions they have acquired. This process runs continuously in the background so it’s always there in the ‘Processes’ tab of Task Manager.

Runtime Broker can sometimes use up more memory than it needs and if that happens while you’re launching Minecraft, due to memory restraints, the game is likely to get stuck on the loading screen.

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Reconfigure Firewall: Disable Firewall Entirely

Windows Firewall functions as a protective barrier, shielding your system from attack attempts coming from third-party networks.

If Firewall has been configured incorrectly, it might inadvertently block harmless programs from establishing connections with their remote servers. Firewall also has the ability to obstruct a game server’s attempt to communicate with your device so make sure your Firewall settings have been properly configured.

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Configuring Firewall for Minecraft

  • Click on the search bar, type ‘firewall’, and select ‘Check firewall status’ from the list.
  • Click on the second option with the shield icon (from the left pane).
  • Disable Firewall for both public and private network environments. You might be asked to enter the system administrator’s password.

If Minecraft had gotten stuck on the loading screen due to communication failure with its remote server, disabling Firewall should fix that.

Turning Off Discord Overlay

Some players have reported that turning off Discord overlay can fix the issue of Minecraft getting stuck on the red Mojang screen. Now, that’s a real disappointment if you plan on using Discord and its overlay while playing Minecraft. Move to the next solution if you don’t use Discord on your system.

Reset Minecraft: Last Resort

Minecraft’s core files might have gotten corrupt due to which the game is failing to load on your system. Your last resort would be to reset Minecraft.

Minecraft Stuck Mojang Screen
Image Credit: gamingmet
  • Head to Settings.
  • Click on the tab that says ‘Apps’.
  • Under ‘Apps and features’ heading, type ‘Minecraft’ in the search bar.
  • Click on Minecraft’s tile then select ‘Advanced options’.
  • Scroll down and find the ‘Reset’ button.
  • Once the game has been reset, restart your system.

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