Most Profitable Business GTA Online: Top 4

Most Profitable Business GTA Online: Top 4

The incorporation of businesses in Grand Theft Auto Online has given players a new way to engage in online gameplay and here, we are covering the most profitable business options in GTA Online. With an unending stream of new content being offered by the developer even years after the game’s initial launch, one can always make investments in the giant metropolis of Los Santos since this online community is here to stay.

The game has come a long way since the days when one could simply replay missions to make more money. Making judicious investments in business opportunities available across the sprawling city of Los Santos, you could be making millions of dollars in a matter of few days. If the business you have invested in is covered by double money week promotion, the pay-outs will be even higher. For players aiming to collect a considerable amount of cash in GTA Online to buy the most luxurious cars and planes, these businesses serve as a significant aid.

Top 4 Most Profitable Business Options in GTA Online

Growing and Selling Weed

Although it may not seem like the most profitable option at first glance, investing in a weed farm can be a smart business decision, at least in GTA Online. Although it doesn’t generate as much revenue as other businesses, the profits earned from weed farming are credited much early. Starting a weed farm is the way to go if you wish to collect money for investing in a business with large startup capital. Also, you could go ahead and build a weed empire by expanding your farming/selling.

As your business begins to expand and generate revenue, it will only get better since you can employ your online friends (employing people? Sounds a lot like real business…). However, to ensure efficient sales, you should fill the vacant positions in your enterprise with trustworthy online friends.

Most Profitable Business GTA Online
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To commence the business, purchasing a farm is the primary requirement, and one farm would cost around $200,000 (as low as it gets). Initially, investing in the least expensive farm would be a wise decision since you can always expand your assets later on by acquiring additional farms as you earn profit from your initial venture.


There are ten properties to choose from when it comes to nightclubs. After purchasing one, you get to choose whether to furnish your nightclub with stolen items or make a significant initial investment for setting it up brand new.

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As your Nightclub enterprise expands, you will observe a significant influx of passive income. Time to call your online friends to look after your business! To ensure smooth operations and for reducing your active involvement in this business, you need to hire employees.

Coke Lock-Up

To build your cocaine empire, go ahead and purchase one of the least expensive MC clubhouses and also the cheapest cocaine lockup you can find. You will also be responsible for sourcing the supplies, which can either be prepared or bought for $75,000.

It’s recommended that you upgrade your coke lock-up sooner than later to ensure a profitable return on investment. Both staff and equipment upgrades are available at the coke lock-up and for generating worthy returns, both need to be maxed out. Although these upgrades cost a whopping $1.3 million, your investment will quickly pay for itself.

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Vehicle Warehouse

Engaging in the import and export of vehicles is a highly profitable business in GTA Online and what I love about this venture is that it allows you to have a personal collection of luxury cars. Don’t sell standard and mid-range cars if you wish to make more money in this business.

The sourcing missions for cheaper vehicles won’t come up if you have ten units for each category (standard, mid-range) in your warehouse. Missions in this business are relatively straightforward except for the ones involving police chases.

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