What is PS5 Liquid Metal? Enhance PS5 Performance with this Ultimate Gamer's Cooling Solution!

What is PS5 Liquid Metal? Enhance PS5 Performance with this Ultimate Gamer's Cooling Solution!

In November 2020, Sony unveiled the PS5, their most recent gaming console. It uses liquid metal, a very effective thermal interface material, contributing to the console’s remarkable features by helping disperse heat from the processor. It has been making a lot of noise in the gaming community that this use of liquid metal is important for any gaming system. The heat from a CPU or GPU is transferred to a heatsink using thermal paste as the thermal interface material. On the other hand, liquid metal is more effective at transporting heat away from the powerful CPU in the PS5 because it has superior thermal conductivity. As a result, the console will continue to function correctly even during long playtime and assist in minimizing overheating.

While using liquid metal significantly improves the PS5’s cooling system, it also necessitates additional caution during maintenance and repairs. As a result, some people are worried about the liquid metal’s long-term resilience and how it might affect the console’s longevity.

However, using liquid metal is evidence of Sony’s dedication to innovation and enhancing consumer gaming experiences. So let’s move further in this article to learn more about ps5 liquid metal.

What is Liquid Metal?

Liquid metal is a cutting-edge thermal interface material in the Sony PlayStation 5 (PS5) game system. It is a one-of-a-kind material meant to replace the standard thermal paste. It provides more incredible cooling performance, allowing the PS5 to function at top performance for extended periods.

PS5’s liquid metal is a metallic alloy with outstanding thermal conductivity and low electrical resistance. It is applied to the CPU and GPU of the console, causing direct contact between the two components and the cooling system. This enables adequate heat flow and keeps the console from overheating.

PS5 liquid metal is a game-changing invention in the gaming industry since it allows gamers to play for extended periods without experiencing performance concerns caused by overheating. It is also more robust than a typical thermal paste, ensuring the PS5 has a longer lifespan.

Why does the PS5 use Liquid Metal?

The critical factor in Sony’s choice to use liquid metal in the system was the requirement to keep the PS5’s processing power high while preventing overheating.PS5 Liquid metal has several advantages over conventional thermal paste or other cooling techniques.

Liquid metal in the PS5 has a more excellent heat conductivity, one of its key advantages. Liquid metal can transport heat more effectively and efficiently than conventional thermal paste since it has up to ten times the thermal conductivity of the latter. Doing this keeps the console from getting too hot while being used for prolonged periods of playtime.

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How does PS5 work?

  • The gap between the PS5’s CPU and heatsink is filled with liquid metal. Because liquid metal has higher thermal conductivity than regular thermal paste, heat transmission increases. Unlike thermal paste, which dries up and loses effectiveness over time, liquid metal remains stable.
  • Due to its excellent thermal conductivity, liquid metal dissipates heat significantly more effectively than regular thermal paste. Furthermore, because liquid metal has a longer lifespan, it can be utilized for more time before replenishment.
  • Compared to traditional cooling technologies such as air or water, liquid metal delivers excellent thermal conductivity while avoiding the noise and complications associated with other approaches. As a result, it’s a fantastic solution for high-performance gaming consoles like the PlayStation 5, where adequate cooling is vital to sustaining top performance.

PS5 Liquid Metal work

Steps involved in applying Liquid Metal in PS5

Applying liquid metal to the PS5 can be difficult. Still, the following methods and recommendations will assist assure a safe and effective application:

  • Disassemble the PS5: PS5 must be disassembled to access the CPU before applying liquid metal.
  • Clean the CPU: Using isopropyl alcohol and a lint-free cloth, clean the CPU’s surface and remove debris.
  • Apply the liquid metal: Using a brush or applicator, apply a tiny amount of liquid metal to the center of the CPU, spreading it uniformly around the surface.
  • Reassemble the PS5: Reassemble the PS5 carefully, ensuring all components are correctly positioned and fastened.


  • Wear gloves to avoid skin contact with toxic liquid metal.
  • To prevent spillage or excess, use a small amount of liquid metal.
  • Avoid getting liquid metal on other components, as this can cause damage.
  • Before turning on the PS5, double-check the connections and screws.
  • If you need clarification on the application process, consider seeking professional assistance.


Using liquid metal in the PlayStation 5 (PS5) is a significant technological leap in the gaming industry. The PS5’s cooling system employs liquid metal as a thermal interface material (TIM), allowing for more efficient heat transfer from the console’s CPU unit to the heat sink. This leads to better heat dissipation, lower temperatures, and increased performance.

While the usage of liquid metal is not entirely novel in the technology industry, its execution in the PS5 represents a significant accomplishment. It is a promising invention that could pave the way for more effective cooling solutions in other electronic equipment.

However, because liquid metal is a highly conductive fluid that can cause harm to other components if it leaks, it must be handled cautiously. Sony has made efforts to prevent any potential leakage by putting a protective layer and ensuring that the application process is carried out by experts.

Overall, the use of PS5 liquid metal is a testament to the continuous evolution of technology and innovation in the gaming industry.

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