PS5 X Button Not Working in Game - Tips to Resolve PS5 Controller Issues

PS5 X Button Not Working in Game - Tips to Resolve PS5 Controller Issues

The PlayStation 5 (PS5) has revolutionized the video game business by giving millions of players an immersive gaming experience. However, players may still run into problems while playing their favorite games, despite the most recent technological developments.

The PS5 X button not working in the game is one of the most frequent issues that gamers encounter. One of the main buttons on the PS5 controller, the X button can be used to jump, select options, and interact with objects. But sometimes, the X button’s malfunction can have a big impact on the gameplay.

The PS5 X button may not function in games for several reasons, including hardware problems and software bugs. For instance, the button might not work properly, if it is physically harmed or unclean. In contrast, a software problem, a game bug, or faulty game data could be the reason. Regardless of the cause, a broken X button can seriously affect a player’s ability to play and have a positive gaming experience. In this article, we will examine several typical reasons why the PS5 X button is not working in the game, as well as potential fixes.

PS5 X Button Not Working in game - PS5 controller

Possible Causes of PS5 X Button Not Working With Their Solutions

Being unable to use the PS5 X button while playing a game is an annoying problem that can negatively affect how much fun you have playing. Although there are many potential causes, the majority of them are simple to address. The following are some potential reasons and fixes for the PS5 X button not functioning in games:

  • Dirty or damaged button

A dirty or damaged button is the most frequent reason for the PS5 X button not functioning. It might not function properly if dust, debris, or physical damage has built up inside the button. In this situation, you can either use compressed air or a soft, dry cloth to clean the button. You might need to get a new button if the old one is physically broken.

  • Poor battery life or charging problem

Low battery or charge issues might also prevent the PS5 X button from functioning in games. The buttons on your controller might not respond as expected if the battery is low. Connect your controller to the console using a USB connection in this situation, and then allow it to charge for a few hours. Use another USB cable or charging port if the problem still exists.

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  • A software or game issue

Sometimes a software problem, either in the game or system software, can make the PS5 X button in-game unresponsive. Try resetting your console and controller if this is the case, as well as updating your system and game software. By pushing the reset button on the controller’s back, you can also attempt returning it to its factory default settings.

  • Connection problems

A problem with the connection between the controller and the console could also prevent the PS5 X button from functioning in games. A weak Bluetooth signal or interference from other devices may be to blame for this. If this persists, try getting closer to the console, clearing any barriers in its path, or turning off any potentially interfering adjacent devices.

  • Device malfunction

If none of the aforementioned fixes work, the controller itself might be the issue. You might need to send the controller out for repairs in this situation or buy a new one.

Troubleshooting Tips

The following troubleshooting advice will assist you in determining the cause of the PS5 X button’s malfunction in games:

  • To ascertain whether the problem is with the controller or the console, test the controller on a different gaming system.
  • See if any other buttons on the controller are also not functioning, as this could point to a more serious problem.
  • To see if the problem is controller-specific, try using a different controller. By using these suggestions, you can identify the problem’s root cause and implement the proper fix to guarantee a seamless gaming experience.


For gamers who want to play nonstop on their new console, the PS5 X button not working in game might be annoying. There are, however, several viable fixes to analyze and fix the issue. Players can get their controllers back in working order by examining the hardware, cleaning the button and controller, upgrading software and system, tweaking controller settings, and getting a professional repair or replacement. To make sure that the issue is fixed properly, it is crucial to identify the primary cause of the problem and rigorously test each proposed solution. By following these instructions, users may quickly and successfully fix the X button not working issue and resume enjoying the PS5’s cutting-edge features, breathtaking graphics, and extensive game catalog.

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