What You Need to Know About PS5 Yellow Light Blinking!

What You Need to Know About PS5 Yellow Light Blinking!

The PlayStation 5 (PS5) has completely revolutionized the gaming industry with its cutting-edge capabilities and breathtaking graphics. The yellow light of death is one of the most dreaded PS5 problems. Many players are annoyed and perplexed by this problem and are unsure of its origin and the best course of action.

Overheating, software bugs, or hardware faults are just a few potential causes of this issue. When this occurs, the console stops working, preventing users from enjoying their favorite games.

If you’re an avid gamer, you know how it feels to be unable to access your favorite title due to technical issues. There are various fixes available, so do not panic if your PS5 displays the dreaded yellow light of death. To help you quickly resume your game, we will examine the reasons for this problem and potential fixes here.

What is PS5 Yellow Light?

The PS5 yellow light, commonly known as the Yellow Light of Death, is a common problem encountered by PS5 users. This light often indicates a hardware or system software issue with the console. The PS5 might turn off or not reboot once the yellow light appears.

If you experience this problem, try turning off the PS5 and removing it from the power source for a while, then plugging it back in and turning it back on.

If this does not resolve your issue, then you may continue reading this blog, as we have discussed some common reasons that may cause this problem.

ps5 yellow light issues

Causes of the PS5 Yellow Light

On a PS5, a yellow light denotes a hardware fault, which can be brought on by several different problems.

  • Overheating: One of the most frequent reasons why a light becomes yellow is overheating. This might occur if the PS5 is placed in an area that isn’t well-ventilated or if the internal cooling system isn’t working properly.
  • Power supply issues: Issues with the power supply are another frequent reason for the yellow light. The internal power supply unit may be malfunctioning, there may be problems with the power cable or with the outlet.
  • Hardware failure: A failing hard drive or graphics card is an example of hardware failure that the yellow light might also signal.
  • Firmware issues: Issues with the PS5’s firmware might occasionally result in the yellow light appearing. This can happen if the program has problems or the firmware is out-of-date.
  • Physical damage: Last but not least, physical harm to the PS5, such as a drop or impact, might also result in the appearance of yellow light.

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What Should You Do If your PS5 has a Yellow Light?

A PS5 issue may be indicated by a yellow light on the console. Here are some methods you can take to troubleshoot the issue:

  • Check the power cable: Make sure the power cord is plugged into the console and the wall socket by checking it. If the cable is slack, the console may not be getting enough power, which could trigger the yellow light.
  • Wait for the console to cool down: If the console has been running for a while and is very hot, it may overheat and turn on the yellow light. So wait till it cools down. In this situation, unplug the console and turn it off for at least 30 minutes to give it time to cool.
  • Check for system updates: Make sure that the console’s system software is up to date. Go to settings, then system, and then click system software. Next, click on update system software and settings and then system software. Lastly, click the system software update to check for updates.
  • Check for hardware issues: If the following methods do not resolve the issue, there may be a hardware issue with the console. So, it is recommended that you must visit an authorized service center to troubleshoot any hardware-related problems.
  • Replace the battery: If the yellow light persists even after trying the above steps, it’s possible that the battery is damaged and needs to be replaced. You can either take the controller to a professional repair service or buy a replacement battery online and do it yourself.


Gamers may find the PS5’s yellow light issue to be an inconvenience. This error indicates that the console is experiencing a hardware malfunction, which could be caused by several different problems, such as overheating, power supply issues, or hardware malfunction.

Although it is unclear what exactly is causing the PS5 yellow light issue, there are some actions users can take to avoid or fix it, such as keeping the console in a well-ventilated area, avoiding extended gaming sessions, and checking the power supply connection.

It’s also important to point out that Sony has acknowledged the problem and provided owners with several options, including the ability to repair or replace the system if it is covered by warranty.

Overall, even though the yellow light problem might be annoying, there are steps that users can take to reduce their chance of running into it.

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