Quick Fixes for Your PS5 Keeps Turning Off During Gameplay

Quick Fixes for Your PS5 Keeps Turning Off During Gameplay

The PS5 keeps turning off while playing games or when using particular apps is a problem that many users have experienced. To stop additional harm to the console and to avoid losing any unsaved games or other work progress, this problem must be fixed as soon as possible. This article will give a general overview of the possible reasons why the PS5 can shut off while playing a game or using an app, how you can fix the problem, as well as some troubleshooting methods.

Also, it will provide you advice on how to prevent the issue from happening again in the future and let you know whether you need to get in touch with Sony for support or not. Users may take charge of the issue by following the instructions  and avoiding the expense of having to repair or replace their console.

Identify the Cause Why Your PS5 Turns Off

There are various potential causes for a PS5 to keep turning off. Overheating might be among the most typical causes. The console may become overheated and shut down if it is not properly ventilated or if the internal fan is malfunctioning. An insufficient supply of power to the console, which prevents it from operating properly, could also be the cause. The console could also abruptly shut off due to software problems like damaged system files or out-of-date firmware. To stop further harm and guarantee that the PS5 is operating properly, it’s crucial to troubleshoot and locate the issue’s primary cause.

PS5 randomly shutting off

Follow the Troubleshooting Steps to Address PS5 Keeps Turning Off

Once the cause of the PS5 turning off during gameplay or while using specific apps has been identified, there are troubleshooting steps that users can take to identify the issues.

  • Checking the console’s temperature 

It is an important step in troubleshooting the issue of a  PS5 that keeps turning off during gameplay or app usage. Users can ensure their console is not overheating by using a temperature monitoring tool or checking the console’s fans to see if they are working correctly. Overheating can cause the console to shut down as a safety measure, so monitoring the temperature is crucial for maintaining optimal performance. Read about PS5 Overheating And How To Fix Them.

  • Updating the console’s software

It’s critical to check the PS5’s temperature to prevent the device from shutting off when you’re using an app or playing a game. Users may check the temperature of the console by using a temperature monitoring tool or by ensuring sure the fans are working properly. In order to prevent the console from abruptly shutting down due to overheating, it is essential to make sure that it is properly ventilated.

  • Restarting the console

Restarting the console can be an effective troubleshooting step for a PS5 that keeps turning off during gameplay or app usage. This is because it helps refresh the system and clear any issues that may be causing the console to turn off. It is a simple step that users can take before attempting more complex solutions.

  • Checking for loose cables or other hardware issues

It is another crucial step in troubleshooting the problem. This can involve checking all cables to ensure they are properly connected, as well as inspecting other hardware components for any signs of damage or malfunction. Also read, How to Connect PS5 to 5GHz Wi-Fi For Unlimited Entertainment?.

  • Rebuilding the database

Rebuilding the database on the PS5 is a troubleshooting process that can fix any damaged data causing the console to shut off when playing games or while using particular programmes. This procedure examines the hard disc of the console and builds a fresh database, perhaps addressing any problems brought on by corrupted data. It can aid in performance restoration for the console and is a helpful tool in the debugging process.

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Contacting Sony for Support

The most important information in this text is that, if the troubleshooting methods provided in the section above do not resolve the issue of the ps5 keeps turning off while in use of a certain app or during gaming, it may be necessary to contact Sony for assistance. Sony offers a variety of support services in addition to phone, chat, and email help.

Before contacting Sony, users should gather information such as the console’s serial number, a description of the issue, and any possible error codes. Moreover, they must confirm that they have used every available solution and be able to provide specifics regarding their troubleshooting techniques.


To guarantee peak performance and avoid harm to the system, the problem of a  PS5 keeps turning off while playing a game or using an app must be fixed. Possible reasons, troubleshooting techniques, and Sony support alternatives that can assist with the problem resolution have all been mentioned in the article. Prior to attempting to solve an issue, it is essential to determine its root cause.

You should also be ready to provide information when contacting Sony for help. Also, users should ensure sufficient ventilation and keep the software updated on the console in order to prevent the problem in the future. Users may enjoy uninterrupted gameplay and extend the life of their PS5 by following these instructions.

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