Record Valorant With OBS: How to Guide

Record Valorant With OBS: How to Guide

Looking for a step-by-step guide teaching you how to record Valorant with OBS Studio on Windows? Your search ends here!

Valorant is one of the most popular online first-person shooter games involving two teams of five players each in a standard Search and Destroy match, where the attacking team’s objective is to plant the spike while the defending team works to defuse the explosive.

Since the game is available only on PCs, two possible ways for players to record their gameplay is either via a capture card or by using third party screen recording applications like OBS.

Ever since the game came out in 2020, Valorant has been a huge success, boasting a remarkable monthly player count of over 15 million.

Why to Record Valorant With OBS Studio?

For players of Valorant on Windows, the most effective way to record gameplay or to live stream directly on platforms like Twitch and YouTube would be to use this handy open-source application called Open Broadcaster Software (OBS).

OBS will save the recording directly on your local hard drive and you can later upload those clips to the platform of your choice. You can choose from a number of different codecs to capture your gameplay and the recorded files aren’t that massive.

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Capture Valorant Gameplay With OBS Studio: Steps to Download and Install OBS

  1. Head to the official site of OBS Studio. Select your platform (in this case, Windows) and your browser will fetch the installer for the latest version.
  2. Grant administrator privileges to the installation wizard then wait for the process to be complete.
  3. Launch OBS and select ‘Settings’ from the lower right corner of the app’s window.
  4. Switch to the ‘Output’ tab.
  5. Select the bitrate for your recordings. We recommend 6000kbps for perfect blend of quality and efficacy.
  6. Encoder should be set to hardware.
  7. For good enough audio, make sure the bitrate has been set to 256.
Record Valorant With OBS
Image Credit: OBS Project

If you wish to change the directory where your recordings are stacked, modify the location where the files are saved from the ‘Settings’ tab itself.

  1. Make sure that your Desktop audio has been disabled in the ‘Audio’ tab.
  2. Have a microphone and want to record your own commentary? Add your microphone to the application in the Auxiliary Device tab.
  3. Switch to the ‘Video’ tab.
  4. Select the standard output resolution (1920×1080) while setting the Common FPS to 60.
  5. Select ‘Apply’ and your changes will be saved.

OBS is now all set to capture Valorant’s gameplay.

  • After clicking on the ‘Scene’ icon in the lower left corner of your screen, find the ‘Plus’ icon under ‘Sources’ tab and select ‘Game Capture and Audio Output Capture’ from the drop-down menu.
  • Launch Valorant and come back to OBS.
  • Set the game capture mode to ‘Capture specific window’ and choose ‘Valorant.exe’ from the list of items. Next, select the Audio Output Capture device and you are all set!

Users Asked These Questions in Relation to ‘Record Valorant With OBS’

  1. Valorant’s performance seems to drop while I’m recording gameplay with OBS. What should I do?

If you are experiencing performance drops in Valorant while simultaneously trying to record the gameplay using your PC’s hardware, it is likely that your specifications are not good enough to handle both tasks at once. To fix the performance issue with Valorant while recording using OBS, you may need to increase the physical memory installed on your system or get a more powerful graphics card or maybe get a processor with more cores and threads. You can figure out what’s causing the game to lag by heading to the ‘Performance’ tab in Task Manager and seeing which hardware component is being utilized 100%.

  1. Valorant’s gameplay recorded using OBS appears pixelated. How can I fix it?

Make sure the output resolution has been set to 1080p and the common framerate is 60FPS. These are the standard selections for proper video quality.

  1. Which is the best method to capture Valorant’s gameplay on Windows for free?

To record Valorant with OBS Studio, you don’t need to pay a single penny and the recording quality is more than satisfactory.

  1. Where are my recordings?

The recordings captured via OBS will be saved to the location of your choice in your system’s internal storage.

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